Quality and Durable PVD Chrome Wheel Finishes

Unlike the traditional chrome wheel plating that peels and pits with normal wear and tear, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) chrome is a highly durable finishing process that lasts much longer than chrome plating. We exclusively use this for our wheels. At Wheel Creations, we provide our clients with a variety of chrome finishes for their wheels. Our offerings include PVD bright chrome, PVD black chrome, PVD onyx chrome and other specialty colors. PVD chrome has long been used in the aerospace industry and is now a popular finish in the automotive industry.

Our O.E.M PVD chrome plating process is 100% environmentally friendly, and ensures years of service for your PVD rims even in the harshest weather conditions. PVD chrome wheels are also 80% lighter than traditional chrome plated wheels, which leads to better fuel economy. To ensure maximum durability, we use our proven, specialized powder coated primer on wheels, apply a mixture of chrome in a PVD vacuum chamber, and an acrylic clear coat to protect the wheels. What you get is a PVD chrome finish that’s perfect for any weather conditions.


With PVD chrome, you don’t have to worry about curb rash, peeling, corrosion, or pitting of your wheels. Our chrome finishes protect your wheels against these possibilities, and in case your PVD chrome wheels need repairs, they can be reworked easily and affordably. Our chrome finishing far outlasts your factory finish with up to a 4+ year warranty. We also offer wheel refinishing and restoration services that give your wheels a new and beautiful look.

  • "It was a pleasure working with Lauren and her team. I have never done an upgrade on any of my vehicles before but wanted to jazz up my 2014 Camry. Lauren walked me through the whole process, sent me photos along the way and helped me upgrade my vehicle not only with a new wheel style but also a black chrome finish. The wheels arrived at my doorstep, I took them to my tire guy to have them mounted. It was simple. I would definitely use Wheel Creations again."

    Jim W.

    Boise, Idaho

  • "Thank you, Lauren, for answering my email about Black Chroming my OEM 2012 Chevrolet ZL1. I was just getting ready to pull the trigger on a set of Black Chrome wheels from another vendor when you contacted me and explained the differences and sent me pictures of the different shades and that was exactly what I needed. You also went above and beyond having just had a newborn and was very patient with me. For all this, I say thank you and would highly recommend you to anyone wanting exceptional work and fast turnaround. "

    Sidney Bryce

  • "I have had two sets of wheels coated for me by Wheel Creations PVD. They provide a top quality product at very competitive prices. In my opinion, what is more important, is the high level of service I get from Wheel Creations PVD. Lauren & Co. treat every customer like family, and they will truly do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied. Every new car I get moving forward will have Wheel Creations PVD coated wheels, and I highly recommend you take your chrome and powder coating projects to them."

    Matt Zlaket

    Northern California


Upgrade your wheels with our O.E.M chrome wheel exchange program. Having been in businesses for more than 12 years, we know what our customers want. That’s why provide an industry-leading wheel exchange program that enables both car owners and dealerships to enjoy the benefits of custom PVD chrome finishing.

Our O.E.M wheel exchange program allows you to buy a new set of wheels for your car affordably, by sending your old wheels back to us. The exchange program provides a convenient and easy way to replace your factory finish or aftermarket wheels instead of getting an outright purchase. Our wheel exchange program requires a “refundable” core charge that is usually paid up front as a deposit at the time of purchase.

Once we receive your wheels, we refund your deposit. A full refund is only offered if the core wheels are in good condition. Damaged wheels may be subject to repair charges that may range between $20 to $40 per damaged wheel. We only exchange same style O.E.M wheels.


Our wheel exchange program works in two ways:

1 Wholesale business

We provide chrome plated wheels to car dealerships in exchange for non-chrome wheels so they can sell them to their customers as an up sell when they purchase a car.

2 Direct-to-customer business

We sell PVD wheels or PVD rims in an exchange program. Clients simply pick out their preferred wheel type for their vehicle make and model, receive the chrome finished wheel at their preferred shipping address, and then send back their non-chrome factory finish wheels to us.

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