About Us

Wheel Creations established itself in the chrome plating industry in 1985. Family owned and operated by George Oliver, he set himself apart from the competition by going the extra mile for all of his customers. In 2005, Wheel Creations made the shift from traditional chrome plating to PVD chrome. Partnering with American PVD, they created Wheel Creations PVD. Customers wanted a longer lasting chrome finish on their wheels in every climate condition. Wheel Creations PVD answered the call. Today, Wheel Creations PVD is growing its business across the country. Our customers know that we deliver quality and reliability they can trust, while always serving their needs.

Our Location

635 Broadway Street
Fresno, CA 93721

PVD Chrome Facility
9451 Washburn Rd.
Downey, CA, 90242